Holyshitassmotherfucker (unhappyangel) wrote in jeeptalk,


Ok, so I'm new to the group, so hi all!!! I have a question.. I've seen a few wranglers riding around town with a sort of cargo net covering the roll bar. It's usually made from 4" webbing similar to what you would think tie down strapps are made of. I've searched Ebay and just about every jeep parts website that I can find and have not come up with anything even close to them. I can never seem to track these guys down to ask them about it. Does anyone know what i'm talking about and where you can order one? Thanks :)

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I know what you mean, I've got one. Got it for christmas though, from my dad on ebay, so I couldnt tell you where to get one now... good luck though.
You wouldn't happen to have a picture you could post so people would have a better idea would you?
nah sorry, I dont, and my camera wont be back from besy buy fora few weeks.