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Seeking used or remanned CRD motor

Well, the old 4.2 has crapped out, right on schedule: The first one went around 150k, and the second one (reman) crapped out around 300k. So it's probably safe to say that one can expect about 150k from these motors, which is really not so bad. But my real complaint has always been with the fuel economy, which while not unholy for a high-torque motor is still a lot more than I'd like to deal with, considering that I have little interest in speed or punch. In short, I never really needed a powerful gasoline motor in my Jeep, and I'm not looking forward to getting a third one, especially following testimony from owners and mechanics that the four-banger offers little advantage in economy, yet is anemic on power.

After consulting with the guy who will likely do the next motor job, I've learned that the YJ can accept a smallish diesel motor with a conversion kit costing a little over a grand. Given that the drivetrain in the KJ is very similar to mine, the clean-burning four-cylinder CRD (common rail diesel) made available as an option for Liberty a few years ago seems like the ideal choice.

Little problem, though. When I sought a new transmission to replace my disintegrating stock AX-15, the far superior NV-3550 had already been standard in the TJ for several years, making it very easy to scoop up a low-mileage wrecker for small change. (Thank you, drunk and stupid college kids! I love my new tranny!) But the CRD was never common in the Liberty, I understand, which will make it much harder to find, even given the huge number of 2005+ KJs that have surely been rolled by now.

I've tried various search vectors and online parts tools, but have had almost no luck finding a selection of these apparently uncommon motors. I understand that the same motor is used in Grumman-Olsen trucks, such as the newer USPS route trucks, and that it's most commonly used in bread trucks.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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