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Weber carb questions

(cross-posted to maybe a couple other Jeep communties)

I'm hoping for some advice about Weber carburetors.

Vehicle: 1990 YJ, 258 (4.2L) inline (rebuild), mostly stock (see details below)
MTX: MV3550 5-sp. (upgrade from orig. AX15 5-sp.)
Upgrade: Cape Conversions 'Juice Box' HEI -- basically a 10K spark booster, with improved downstream components to handle the extra charge; not sure if this counts as a significant mod

I had a Weber K551 kit, which now needs a rebuild. Running a stock Carter BBD replacement for now, but not liking it much.

So, I'm considering rebuilding the Weber I have, but Redline's website is unclear to me about whether I should stick with the one I have, or go with the supposedly better 38mm model. The site info seems to lean towards the 38mm for me, but I'm not sure.

I'm also unsure about choke options. The Weber I have right now has an electric choke. There are also hydraulic and manual versions, and I think I might like the manual.

I want to call up Redline and ask their advice, but I'd like to see if anyone here has any thoughts on it first.
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