Ron (alexk27) wrote in jeeptalk,

Jeep dilemma

I used to drive a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Inferno Red. I modified it so that it had the 2004 Overland grille and fascia (with the circular 2004 fog light look) and I loved it.

Unfortunately, I got into a car accident last November and the car was totalled. I ended up buying another Jeep Grand Cherokee, this one being a silver 2004.

I think I made a HUGE mistake not buying another Inferno Red Jeep. The silver is just not the same to me! What are my options (besides a trade-in, which I'm sure I'll get smoked on in terms of the trade-in value)? I'm sure it would be cost-prohibitive to re-paint the color of my silver Jeep to Inferno Red.

Am I shit out of luck? I am, aren't I?

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